One thought on “MTWG Presents Gerald’s Vagina Game”

  1. The movie was AMAZING. It was so much better than the stupid phone call to Krazy Kathy. I will admit, it was HYSTERICAL to hear her beg the idiot dyke Heathur for money because she overdraws. That had me in stitches…. I did like Retarded Miss Tits, but this episode felt like a really bad Church of Shithead episode instead of Yeast Radio. When Shithead is talking too much or the phone call is no longer funny (which is often), doody squirt time. And heavy, loud ones, please, especially when she won’t shut the fuck up.

    Gerald’s Game was great but next time, comment on the movie, not prank call a poor, ugly lesbian. Next time, finish watching “The Worst Witch” and comment on the AMAZING musical number by Tim Curry!

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