YR1363: Max Keiser’s Merkins

Madge pays a visit to Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert of the Keiser Report as they pass through Chicago for the upcoming Great American Pilgrimage TV Show.

LOOK: Madge even did SHOW NOTES:

Max’s vagina hat
carpet/drape matching and red heads
madge’s bad hairy vagina and chest dream
cousin harvey the rape monster
prague 2011
World Crypto Network HOTNESS
Shadout Mapes to:
Tone Vays and Oy Vays
Thomas Hunt (MadBitcoins)
Why bitcoin now?
vaginal viagra
bitcoin future
bitcoin as government destroyer
the price of financial sovereignty
blockchaining everything: how?

4 thoughts on “YR1363: Max Keiser’s Merkins”

  1. Maybe for the next grum you can bring back Movies with the Retards and finish watching “The Worst Witch” that you started 2 years ago before letting stupid Debbie make all those stupid and boring phone calls. Tim Curry sings and dances, he flies, he calls the girls “bitches”, IT’S SO FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!! Trust me, it’s better than any boring video that Shithead thinks is funny.

    Max and Stacy secretly love Trump and voted for him…. weu

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