YR1348 If Trumpcare killed you, would your dog eat you?

Solo grum in which I wander the riverwalk in search of WHY.

Very upset about healthcare.

Show Notes:


Team sports attitude

Appears to same base macho shit that makes men watch sports. Primitive

Kills poor people

Then middle class


Why is fb still talking about bullshit

CBS reporting on golf cart.  Not detailed reporting on healthcare bill. Makes it sound no big deal

@vp posts always about how bad Obamacare is but nothing about why Trumpcare good

All jobs jobs jobs reminds me of slavery. Like that’s what they’re giving us.

the terrorism by the R party is always having to worry about the rug being pulled out from under you. it’s terrorism. congress is the biggest terrorist

medicare for all – amy goodman- DUH

otherness of democrats like michael moore referring to dems as ‘they’ instead of ‘us’


nazi philosophy is that if you’re not contributing to society by work then you’re useless and should die. trump care has the same effect. Can’t work? Die.


Do you see healthcare on this list? Me neither. We have a big problem. Hatred of Obama trumps healthcare on the right. Hatred of Trump trumps healthcare on the left. You don’t care. You’re sick of me posting about this. You don’t mind dying early.

3 thoughts on “YR1348 If Trumpcare killed you, would your dog eat you?”

  1. Madge, you live in Chicago. I’m sure there’s some political event going on every week. Go look around on Facebook Events. You can filter your results. Following FB pages and groups will notify you of upcoming events.
    As to another point of yours, main stream media, like CNN, will always cover news more understandable than what the health care bill entails. Health care is even harder to cover since the R’s are secretive about it.
    I’m starting to memorize the familiar sounds in your walks. The train overhead (?), the guitar player, water running… Whatevs.

  2. YASSS… Lemonade gurl!

    Regarding protests.. Australia has groups like GetUp! https://www.getup.org.au/ which collect DONATIONS and run TV/Web/Print campaigns locally and BLOAT inboxes every time a polly farts in state and federal politics. They have had some successful movements. Surely there are similar groups in the USA.

    Politics arounds the world finds itself in a pretty fucked state, although this is nothing new, it’s just spreading globally with a lot of burnt out people who feel helpless and hopeless about their personal situation and the progress of politics internationally. With people having to work non-stop to be able to afford to live being exactly what the rich politicians want because they can then turn around at the next election to gloat look at all these jobs under me with more people working less for less hours, healthcare is being paid for without that help, everything is working, don’t look behind the curtains, live off the cheaper junk food, get health conditions as you age and now work to 75, produce landfill, break wind, global warming, it’s okay we’ll be dead the generation xyz-gurdle2020 can deal with it later, vote for me again because you wouldn’t want a sanitary pad in the oval office also MARS will be amazing, we can do it all over again and sure we’ll send you an invite in 20 years if we can’t automate something up there!

    I find these days I’m hearing more and more comedians being more vocal on politics, many have podcasts. Podcasts and comedians is becoming a tool for promoting their gigs.
    Comedians aren’t simply saying look there’s a gold-leaf orange in the WH like they were under Bush but they are discussing issues. So I think you are correct to push on and share, you do have, have had, and can have a voice and have made a difference in the past but I think given how many ghosts watch on in the GC there are listenturds are out there but probably feel it dangerous to try and promote your content at times because it’s so un-PC and with 1turd dropping her opinions via Jews and Rhyls it’s scary to put a name to that promotion.

    That being a reason I really really think Eat This Hot Show was great, because it was a chat show with some balls or six. Maybe that foxy bitch has done enough BB’ing and that 1turd has a step-sistee and Vera has a new face to partake just a monthly grum? ? Then there’s that Jewish guy who took over your grum a few times when you had to do the thing with the thing.. RB.. Rich Brand son or something..

    I think it is important to keep some form of commentary ongoing because people often wake up too late, if they wake up to the reality 5 mins before or 5 mins after it’s usually too late to get productive traction.

    Most of my closest friends are politically opposite to me which can be good because when they want to gloat it can be fun to have the facts to counteract a shock-jock’s assertions. But they too burn out and simply want not to discuss politics because they don’t know where they should stand anymore.

    Back when OBAMA was being elected there were many more celebrities and singers getting involved and bringing attention to the entitled to get up and vote whereas the Hillz didn’t get that traction. Bernie did but let’s give up on that mess, that was the fault of Hillz and the fact that he looked like Larry David.

    Anyway I really need covfefe it’s too early for me and I’ve gone in circles.

    Basically there’s too many chickens on the other side that won’t come down here!

    Use the forceps!

  3. Tiger got to hunt
    Bird got to fly
    Man got to sit around asking “Why? Why? Why?”

    Tiger got to sleep
    Bird got to land
    Man got to tell himself he understand

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