3 thoughts on “YR1334 Grumpy Grum”

  1. Hey Madge, got hooked back onto Yeast Radio after quite some years not listening to podcasts at all anymore. It was not before I got this Google Home thingy, that recommended to listen to you. Honestly it did. Must have been that big data evaluation of all the shit I do online and my this is a lot.

    So, just wanted to say: I enjoy your shows, except maybe for the previous one. What was going on over there? – Well you said it during that show, too, you felt like on a loonie bus – yes… that was a pretty correct observation. But hey, I enjoyed it non the less 😉

    BTW, love that Facebook pic of yours with Silky Jumbo – sexy smile ;)))

  2. Great grum. Debbie is stupid as always, fucking up the prank call with her boring skit shit, thinking she’s so funny (she’s not). Love all the grums you play while Churyl eats. Need more doody squirts. Love Game of Whores.

  3. Thanks for the shoutout. I only write on here because you banned me from the GC. Yes, I will be seeing Grizuldturd this summer. I can tolerate Dubbie. But I need more doody squirts playing when she’s on.

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