6 thoughts on “YR1316 Hate Trumps Hate”

  1. Really, Debbie? Such a dumbass. She knew Trump was going to win? This is the first time you ever hear her even mention that fact. Since the campaigning began, all she’s done is kiss Hillary’s cunt and make fun of Trump. Now that he’s President, all she can do is pretend to make fun of him. You stupid, backwards bitch. All these crybaby liberals sucking on Hillary’s left cunt lip should be lined up and deported for being traitors to their country. Where are all those fucking millenials that were protesting? Where are their protests now? Where are all the women that were accusing Trump of grabbing their saggy tits and asses? 60 years ago, a spank on the ass was a compliment to a broad. In this stupid day and age, you can be in a mile away and she’ll complain of “sexual harassment”. I tune in this show to get my fill of Madge and Churyl. I don’t mind their politics. But if I want to hear the other broad, I’ll listen to her podcast, which I don’t. Trump is going to be an AMAZING President, better than saggy assed Clitarus.

  2. The most honest and most interesting discussion on the Yeast in recent memory. I’m glad the chat was heavily utilized in discussion. Madge was open to views and open to those that were critical of her own. I listened to this about 3 times as I was falling asleep for the night.

  3. THIS episode is the reason I hate Debbie on the show. “Her” politics are stupid,asinine comments that have no basis in reality. She has been screaming that she’s a liberal cunt since Trump announced he was running. In this day and age, Political Correctness is ceasing to exist. Everytime Madge or Churyl uses the “N” word, the bitch becomes Miss Pollyanna. But she has no problem prank calling Abortion lines. Um, her screws are a little fucking loose. I hated everytime she gasped or sighed on this grum, like she was SO FUCKING SAD that Killary the Cunt lost. Hillary lost because her stupid millenial supporters failed to go out and vote. 51% of qualified American voters did not. Everyone else either voted for the Jew girl (Stein) or The Flacid Johnson. It is stupid to support the idiots that protested Trump. What did they win? Nothing. Look, a month later, where are they now? Why aren’t they still protesting? Why did they give up? And where are all the lying bitches that said Trump touched them? Where the fuck are they? Hillary ran a shitty campaign that was filled with false promises and focused too much on giving Trump more exposure than on herself. I like what Madge had to say, she was on point. But Debbie seems to be too hellbent on worrying about where all the liberal shitheads like herself will end up these next 4 years. No one knows, no one cares. I proudly voted for Trump. I don’t want those dirty Indians, Chinks or Arabs coming over here to blow our shit up and steal our jobs. If that makes me a racist, well, then I’m a racist. Big fucking deal. I’d rather be a hardass than a wimpy ass liberal. Like Churyl said: I don’t care about this fucking election!” It’s over, the good guys won, and the asshole crybabies can go shit their diapers now.

  4. I swear to God, Madge. If you make me listen to you slurp and slop through another bowl of ice cream, I will find a way to reach through the web, go back in time and drown your nasty face in that inch of melted leftovers ! STOP IT !!! STOP IT!!! God. There, I feel better.

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