2 thoughts on “YR1310 Who Cares?”

  1. Who cares? I care! A lovely 4 hour grum I can fall asleep to. Following Madge and Gristleturd depressing over their fat, we lead into Rob Pee-ickuyl obsessing over Wal-Mart’s Deep Fried Twinkies (Registered, Copyright). What a way to ruin the mood! I’d deep fry his ‘pickle!’

  2. Madge have you completely lost your mind? Is it the Florida water? How the fuck is Trump a valid candidate let alone “ok” or deserving of “respect”? YES the orange clown from hell is just as bad if not worse than George W. have you been under a rock the last couple of years? Did you not witness that his whole campaign is based on fear, hate, racism and xenophobia? or maybe you’re not bothered by it because you’re white male and privileged. Aren’t you worried about the current political climate the rise of the “alt-right” and validation of other racist movements, KKK grand wizard campaigning for political office, etc. Have we learned from history?
    So the multiple-bankrupt, tax- evading reality show personality will be an “OK president” because he is funny when he’s making a fool out of himself and his country? Will he “fix things” or completely destroy them? WHO CARES?

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