YR1294 Feh!

Feh! A grum with Cheryl, Debra, and Madge today.


Grum starts with a #TeamBob tribute with a cycling remix of Walk Into the Room Purse first by Bob the Drag Queen. Madge appears on screen with a supermodel scowl at her gentle audience and a song about a talking anus. Debra joins and explains that ShowNotesNatalie had to leave the school to get a job because of extenuating cirumstances. She clanks around and makes lots of  noise until Cheryl shows up to take time out of BUSY schedule to grace the Grum with her presence. The girls revive Movies With the Girls and watch Purse First by Bob the Drag Queen together live! Then breaking news; Grizelda speaks to Phil and finds out that he had a stroke many years ago and half of his body is paralyzed! Thank goodness his 13-inch penis is okay. Simply Sara is posting videos but with no face shots and is now gluten free for her and Jamies HEALTH. Amy Slaton and Debra are planning some collab videos. Then the girls watch Penis in the Ladies Room by Jackie Beat featuring Willam which sparks a poll to vote if Purse First is a better music video. Purse First  wins in the chat. Even more drag queen music videos! “I may fat bitch but you’re uglyandIcanlosetheweight.”  Simply Sara manages to make a salad unhealthy with the help of her friend Avoir Chode. The latest of millions of Diego Lane  Whiteguys Fartsmatter videos debuts. Prank calls begin with a call to  a line that recognized Debbie somehow. Cheryl talks to Miss Cleo at the abortion line until the stream crashes. Then more prank calls to shopping hotlines and boutique fashion outlets. Debbie needs the PURSE FURST! Heather Feather calls Mark late at night. Then the girls watch a demon smoke meth out of a water pipe. Cheryl speaks briefly to Kayla at the Helpline.  Madge falls out after seeing  a deek from Debbie’s last grum. All sucked up inside itself. Amy outlines her plan for a live VR show. Amy Slaton joins the Grum for a moment. Then several calls to the Mary’s at 1-800 CONTACTS.  Debra “had got wet” over Allen at the hotline!!!! 1-800 CONTACTS is a bathhouse that has a call center. Then they call again and talk to a nice garl.  Then the girls have a nice chat. Then Cheryl calls Phil to follow up on his chat with Grizelda and catch up about each other’s surgeries. Dr. Phil has a quick fix idea for Cheryl to fix her cunt right up. Madge plays translator for the two smoky, stroke-prone individuals.  Then Lesbun friend Mayudge calls Heather Feather into the room to talk to Phil. The girls reenact each other’s vaginal symphonies. Then Phil talks to Amy. She wants proof that Phil is 13 inches before she gives it up. Girls from Shoney’s, Missouri  have standards. Amy asks Phil if he wears diapers!!! Amy is going to be Phil’s Eggman. Then Phil asks Amy an enigmatic question, “What’s your name Amy?” Amy’s new hit single; “Can You Motorboat Em’?” Amy continues to interview Phil and cracks up Madge and the girls. Phil is mostly game for anything but he can’t suck his own dick. He feels it’s Amy’s job but she begs to differ. After awhile Debra steps in to really finish Phil off with some Phils favorite; Poopy talk and clips of himself. He manages to stay on the line and makes all the girls come before he does and they donate their cream Purse first and then leave Phil high and dry. He decides to let them go to bed and get fucked.

2 thoughts on “YR1294 Feh!”

  1. I love Maeryle! Her mom is a bit of cunt, but Maeryle, the videos and PURSE FIRST are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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