3 thoughts on “YR1292 It’s Hard to Think of Titles when Show Notes Natalie is on Strike”

  1. I was led here from walls fall down (YouTube)–>whorehole.com–>here. what the fuck is this. Who the fuck is Cheryl merkowski?!?!?!?! Who listens to this what the actual fuck. Goddamn bottom feeders of the Internet

  2. I FELL OUT when Siri was on the grum: “Tell Churyl trig merkowski we are grabbing right now”. OMG, that get’s a donation.

  3. The phone call to the chinky lady was bad, but Cheryl saved it with her “Chalupa” talk. The laundry lady laughed, Cheryl laughed, I pissed myself, everyone laughed except for that whiny girl on the phone with laundry lady. I love you Cheryl!

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