YR1289 A Nice Grum

In this pleasant grum, Debra and Madge talk girly and then talk to a nice girl from YouTubes.

And God said, “Let there be fayutt!” And there was fayutt. And God saw the fayutt, that it was yuge: And God divided the fayutt from the anorexic. And God called the fayutt “Dolphin Head.”  ~Obeesius 1:3


Apple Cars, Siri and driving pet-peeves take the front seat as tonight’s grum opens with some technical difficulties from Debra. Sir-pat-oneself in live chat suggests that Debra stops the porn downloads. Debra shares a photo of a poor cyborg lady who’s vehicle was broke down in the parking lot of a walmart.

Technical difficulties solved, Madge moves back to driving annoyances and the passing of Prince. Madge queues up a tribute and a poop as Debra sings along.

Debra and Madge call Amy to discuss current topics including Prince’s death and Sea World. Debbie gets Amy’s commentary while watching Walls Fall Out live on the grum. “That don’t look normal.” Amy takes questions from live grum chat while relaxing sounds of dolphins play in the background.

Memorable Quotes:
That don’t look normal.
Have you ever been offered to do porn?
Was he a jew?
I mean trannies don’t really bother me as long as they don’t hit on me. Know what I’m sayin’?
All lesbians have food allergies.
People are so cruel to the homosexuals.
How do you go from a pinkie to a foot long?
My spirit animal is ‘A’ cum.
We call those Jesus shoes.
You damn whore! How dare you get all professional on us.
I was looking at some dude with a neti pot in his nose?

The Amy Interview continues with topics such as transexuals and Job Core before Debra moves on to more live chat questions and answers. Learning of a bad meet up of Amy’s, Debra shares some serious safe-dating advice. Getchores, honey. Madge joins the interview as sex toys, homosexuals, diabetes, coffee, penis size and a whole host of other topics fill out the rest of this one-of-a-kind interview. Required listening! Everything comes out in the wash tonight.

Memorable Live Chat Quotes:
<heatherd> that’s some junk in the trunk there, that thing bounced!
<MustardLapse> Siri sucks more cock than your local male hairstylist
<MuntSon> as your local male hairstylist I can agree
<LinFerno> techniggle diffikoonties
<@GigaTigga> grum under the bed
<@GigaTigga> When was the last time she had a yeast infection
<EGGS-in-the-PUSS> I have a rim seat at my grandauntie’s summer cottage.
<LinFerno> a smaull deek can be a good introduction
<LinFerno> who doesnt want to fuck 2 guys at once though
<unamacchia> Jesus, how did I just learn about Yeast Radio? You are all my spirit animals

Don’t miss a minute of tonight’s rollercoaster of a grum!

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