YR1287 Are you talking about the dolphin head?


Debra and Mayudge have fun.

Show Notes

Tonight’s grum opens as Debra stuffs spatchcocked roasted chicken into her whorehole and Madge discusses her dog sitter. Debra apologizes for her mean-girl escapade on her last grum. Cher, religious freedom bills and coffee flavorings make the topic board as Madge deep-throats a banana in the background.

Madge thanks the listeners for helping provide the funds for her new Sonos. She and Debbie peruse over similar products while Trotsky humps a bear in the background. Jealousy can be felt all around live chat.

Madge begins a new trend in grum videos when she shares an intimate moment with an interior point of view. Finish your snacks before this segment.

Debra shares a video of a series of ladies performing interpretive dance. Madge’s interpretation sees it as a series of disturbed dingbats. The girls move on to an amazing interpretation of Star Trek called “Star Tracts.” The computer knows ALL the bible verses.

Memorable Quotes:

Are you talking about the dolphin head?

It’s always awkward when you have to ask someone for money. Donations! Donations! Donations!

Audience, we’re going to see pornography. Are you excited?

I don’t know what I’m going to do with all these diapers.

The penis jizzes. Yeah.

Why does the doggie have a bear harness?

Put a camera in her cunt.

It’s against God, lady!

Debra clears her throat and warms up her vocals for a call to a young man who left a sexy note with one of our own listeners. But as has happened so many times before, voicemail wins the point so Madge calls a random number from a live-chatter. Debra asks a Nordstrom representative about a new vitamix moisturizer but barely gives her a chance to respond as she spews forth a stream of conciousness that would put a tweeker to shame. It’s wondahful, Dahling.

The gurlz call ‘New Abort’ but Heather is instantly recognized. Denial is not only a river in egypt as Heather’s repudiation flows. “Abortion is not the way! You probably need a baby to complete your life.”

Memorable Live Chat Quotes:

<BarfordTheMighty> Weuw live grum eating from Madge

<TristanAU> sticky tape a dolla


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