easter grum

YR1286 Easter Grum

Hi. Here is a pop-up grum recorded on easter with madge and debra.

easter grum

Show Notes:

Tonight’s surprise grum begins with Madge and Debra catching up on old times and praising Jesus. Unfortunately, Cheryl has to take care of a pop-up prolapse issue and can’t join the gurlz. Chickens under da beyud!

A random skype number gets a call from Madge. Mushrooms, tragic loss and Debra’s pill popping are the topics of the call. Debra changes the mood by sharing a captivating youtube video of some trashy neighbors fighting over the course of 4 years.

Debra calls No Abort for advice about her trashy neighbors, moldy chickens under the beyud and a Vitabort (TM~flavorsavor) but she decides to hang up to clean up the foul fowl mess.

Memorable Quotes:
Honey, ya gonna lose ya shit.
Did she say chokken?
They’ve gotta have an unlimited supply of bath salts in that house.
Smoke meth and fuck.
If you are a Jewish Lesbian with a penis, I want you to grum on my face.
I have to suck ’em until they are nice and soft so I can chew ’em.

The gurlz, on the advice of Tristan in live grum chat, call the Slatons but they don’t get past the voice mail. Madge reveals a new video from our favorite Thursday Lane. “White fart matter to me.” Happy Easter!

Our beloved matriarch, Madge, is turning a year older. She requests amazon gift cards for her birthday at [email protected] Those adult diapers aren’t gonna buy themselves!

Ragan joins the grum as Madge inquires as to why there isn’t a football team gangbang in his recent past… or future. Ragan debuts his new Saturday Avenue video on the grum. Easter Zombie Jesus is rolling is his grave… er… cross.

Madge queues up a new (finally) Simply Sara video. She “barried” a laptop from a friend to post some new videos because her computer is on the fritz. Donations! Sara is followed by a lovely tutorial on fecal extrusion by Wendy, the slow adult. It dries and is self cleaning.

A melon baller is the tool of choice as Debra calls for advice on her newest abortion. She prays for money and abortion advice and he answers. Planned parenthood has a new payment plan in the works because that baby has a destiny. Debra’s stream of conciousness is an Easter miracle, something to behold.

Memorable Live Chat Quotes:
<EGGS-in-my-PUSS> I like Madge’s spectral disorder.
<EGGS-in-my-PUSS> Debra, one person’s white trash is another person’s white treasure.
<@GigaTigga> they’re gettin’ naked!!
<EGGS-in-my-PUSS> My new drag name is Dick Out Debra.
<Thete> I don’t wanna raise no white trash baby
<sir-pat-oneself> She learnt from Madge, no face unless people donate major sugar
<Thete> how much a baby go for on her list?
<BobDiva> Did God rape Mary?
<Thete> so much mexican baby juice in me
<BobDiva> What if the baby poops inside me?

Don’t miss a second of tonight’s super special pop-up Easter grum or Trump will build a wall around your Golden Circle membership… and make you pay for it!

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