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YR1272 Whatever… Late… Grum

yr1214 comcast sucksYeast Radio begins tonight with Madge, who had a major dental procedure and is higher than Snoop Lion at a Willie Nelson cookie swap, introducing a “Hello” parody for Debra to perform live. But, as usual, one of the girls is eating. Madge doles out her usual punishments.

The girls discuss a couple of popular series to watch as Debra prepares her home studio for the performance. Unfortunately, Debra falls flat on her face so Madge has to school her in the art of lyrical rhythms. Debra feels the shame of her failure and disappears for a bit.
Debra introduces a new Phil ditty before the girls discuss Debbie’s new purchase-returns.
Debra finds out she’s surrounded by angels in a call to a psychic. Phil joins the call to determine his fate but he has other things on his mind. Men are like dawgs! The girls go full Leftovers on Phil as he gets off a second time but he just wants to talk to Debra. The psychic caller gives a post-phil reading then moves on to Sylvia Browne and other topics.
Memorable Quotes:
He didn’t pull out?
I gotta go cath, honey.
Did you blow your load?
Let’s get going here bitches.
Simply Sara’s got some money. She’s got a tan as well.
The girls call an old friend, Stacy, to probe her about her surgery outcome. Bad luck has moved in and taken over Stacy’s very existence just as her kids try to lock her up. She and Debra discuss chemo, Muslims, Valerie Bertinelli and pregnant kids.
Mr. Peter’s latest Simply Sara Parody hits the spot as the women of the weird share the newest post from this excellent breathe-heavy long time listener… to tace. Chicken’s dooooone.
More Memorable Quotes:
Can you let Troy talk? We let you dumb bitches talk all the time.
Can you like, lick one of your nippies?
Rub the lotion on it’s skin, bitch.
Shit on the table and make a Natalie sculpture.
She could tell us where Johnny Johnson is.
No! We want him to OPEN his hole, you dumb bitch.
We should call this show “being on hold.”
Troy makes a special appearance as Madge begs him to show deek. The conversation turns to Troy’s artwork and his past experiences with the spirit world versus weight loss. Dirty snowballs and animal sacrifice enter the conversation when Cheryl and Madge ask about anal play and spiritual hotpockets. A promise of Naked Troy next week has the girls all in a tizzy.
The ladies attempt to call Diego (Thursday) but get his voicemail instead. “Mange” leaves a loverly message offering his corned beef flatulence services.
A special call to versatile Matt Peters blesses the show with a shot of crazy book quotes, Hillary Clinton, eggs in the basement of the White House, and blue apron food delivery.  Matt stays on as the girls reach out for information on a vitamix, vooft model.
Tech support with Matt… to tace.
Right on queue, Cheryl voices her desire to end the episode so the girls decide to wrap up tonight’s installment of demented deliciousness. Don’t miss a speck of this splendid spectacle or Madge will spike your spirits with her leftover percocet, Bill Cosby style.

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