hello adele

YR1269 Hello

Hello is the name of this grum with the three girls doing lots of fun things.
hello adele
Tonight’s show opens with a semi-blowout prologue followed by Madge arduously trying to figure out her new iPad Pro and explaining to the girls why her impenetrable extreme-hoarder condo is in it’s current state.

Debra begins to weave a tale of celebrity spotting as Madge streams on periscope. Unfortunately, no one knows how to share the link for the live listeners. Cheryl finally figures it out and posts it to the live chat room just in time to see Trotsky licking his lips, dreaming of hasenpfeffer.
Back to Debra’s adventure about meeting Mink Stole at a screening of Desperate Lives has her getting a bit upset about not actually getting to meet or ask her questions to the Goddess of Disturbance. Even so, Debbie was still so moist with the experience, she slid off the chair.
After a bit of technical difficulties, the show resumes with a short youtube segment featuring our favorite breathless superwoman Simply Sara and her new creation.
The girls lament about a recent grum and it’s uproarious guests. They decide to give another call to one of them about a room for rent but the language barrier proves problematic. Madge practices her fluent spanish with the caller but he’s not having it and hangs up. A call back has the girls using google translate with him with no progress to speak of.
Memorable Quotes:
God you’re so stupid.
Leave Stacy alone!
That was Adele you dumb bitch! Everybody on Earth knows that song!
Is there an anal douche wand in the shower?
She’s rubbing her clitoris.
Uncle Joey’s. He’s fuckin’ ’em.
Gene Boojipski!
You’re practically asleep when you do this god damned show anyway. What’s the difference?
Yeast Radio is where people go when they leave The View.
As Debra searches for a numbie to call, the daughters of distate queue up a new video from Matt’s new house. He channels our beloved Sara between breaths. Cheryl calls a craigslist ad about a room for rent. Dorm life may be in her future. #AnalDoucheWand
Madge announces an annual bukake event via Yeast Radio Golden Circle on facebook. Become a member of YRGC today and you, too, can cum on Nate’s face! That’s true.
Madge queues up a video from Lynn and Jamie but quickly gets bored. She closes it out quicker than Cheryl wanting to end the show every week. Instead, she plays a song that reminds her of Noah.
Heather and her boyfriend call a “transitional living house” for information. Unfortunately, Heather can’t even visit her beau at the house. So the girls call an old favorite, Phil Gene. After listening to Adele’s Hello on permanent loop, Heather can’t seem to speak any other phrases.
The gals throw in the crunchy towel and skedaddle as Cheryl begs to end the show. Don’t skip a grain of this grum because… well, it’s short. But it’s packed full of delightful deliciousness!

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