YR1261 Debate with The Girl(s)

First and experimental solo grum as I test a mic that I am buyturning. Sorry for the overmoduation on this first portion. Then Cheryl joins me for the democratic turd presidential debate. It’s nice.
debate with the girls

Show Notes:
Tonight’s special edition of Yeast Radio opens with a lonely Madge Weinstein begging/demanding that Cheryl, who she noticed in the live chat room, join her for the Democratic Presidential Debate which aired on Oct 13, 2015.

Tonight’s duo trudges on through the stodgy, long-winded debates without Debra who is begrudgingly concluding the last few hours of her community service ordered because of her conviction on an indecent exposure charge behind an abandoned Shoney’s.

Madge fills the stagnant parts of the debate with bits of media from one of our favorite heavy breathing youtubers and a couple of excellent parodies from some of the show’s devoted long-time listeners. Tammy Faye Bakker makes a video cameo giving her melodic opinion on Benghazi. A famous UK (feeding) model also lays out her opinions on healthcare issues to tonight’s audience. Video fatties abound but the girls decide to get back to the debate at hand.

Memorable Quotes:
Anderson Cooper’s a bottom, right?
I don’t care about these faggots.
Don’t bite my pussy.
Cheryl, my butt stinks.
Oh now I’m bored again.
How come they haven’t talked about PrEP or barebacking?
I’m laying out so I can be dark like him.

With feelings of misery and despair brought on by the debate, Cheryl makes a quick call to a help line to decide if she wants to bring another life into this woeful world. She comes out feeling worse than before.

More Memorable Quotes:
Do apples make you fart?
Is that why his neck is like that?
You’re making me sleep.
Cum on my tits! Cum on my tits!
I’m a poor black woman in the south.

One last call goes out for bulk creamy soup as the delightful doublet, Madge and Cheryl, prepare to pull the curtain strings on tonight’s charming and lively special episode. Don’t dare miss out on tonight’s debate commentary or we may find the country soon run by an abhorrent blowhard orangutan or a loathsome Wall Street lemming. Don’t let this happen Weinstein/Merkowski 2016!

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