One thought on “YR1254 Truckin’ with the GIRLZ”

  1. YR1254 The show begins with technical difficulties and no Cheryl! Debra calls the Trucker Prayer Line several times as different characters asking for guidance. After several calls it goes to voicemail so Madge and Cheryl leave an amazing and elaborate voice message on location from the truck stop. Then Debbie plays her voicemails from Roslyn Capital about her gold investments. Whitney Houston Inturdlude. AHS: Hotel trailer discussion. Simply Sarah Popeye Pizza recipe. Then Debbie calls Phil but she is a total tease and he is not having her bullshit. They call back and he doesn’t answer so they call the abortion hotline. Debbie pretends to be a daughter trying to prevent her mother from having an abortion with a great audio effect that makes her sound like of the girls from Debbie’s school. Dev Dame DragonCon update. Sylvia Brown/Montel montage closes out the show.

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