4 thoughts on “YR1247 Fill Almost Dies”

  1. Here we go again. Just to let you know, I am not bashing anyone, except Debbie. All her singing is awful. I have never fast-forwarded Yeast Radio EVER. I actually did when she started singing. It’s atrocious, it’s annoying, and everytime she does it, could you please play doody squirts? That would make it palatable.

    As for the farmer call, she is excellent when she’s being a slut. But when she’s cock-blocking and everyone in the chat is telling her to shut the fuck up, it’s clearly apparent that she needs to EDIT! Act slutty, but don’t put any reason behind it. Don’t stray off topic. It ruins the call and the listener gets no enjoyment.

    Now I’m at 1:40:00. Let’s hope I can get through the Phil call without Debbie fucking up yet again. I will let you know. Sorry if this seems a little mean, but people are getting tired of her antics. And the only way she’ll know is to be told by you. Please let her know.

    Love you Madge and Churyll always.

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