YR1245: Movies with the GIRLZ watch The Net

Computer programmer, Madge Weinstein, starts a new freelance gig and, strangely, all her colleagues start dying. Does it have something to do with the mysterious disc she was given by her sistie, Cheryl? Her suspicions are raised when, during a trip to Mexico, she’s seduced by a handsome stranger, Debra Wilkerson, intent on locating the same disc. Soon Madge is tangled up in a far-reaching conspiracy that leads to her identity being erased. Can she stop the same thing from happening to her life?movies with the girls watch the net

2 thoughts on “YR1245: Movies with the GIRLZ watch The Net”

  1. Debbie is talking way too much over the movie. That’s fine, as long as it’s about the movie! Focus on the movie!

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