8 thoughts on “YR1244 Oy vey I want to eat out your gefilte fish!”

  1. So good to hear Rachel. Her sexy talk with Phil made me wet. Cheryl, as usual, is entertaining but spoils things somewhat when her inner bitterness and insecurity manifests as unintelligent and unfunny bitchiness. Eg her disrespect towards Rachel and some of the stuff she said to Phil. Yeah, Phil is ignorant and has an unhealthy fixation with CREAM, but I agree with Madge – you gotta keep that foul mouthed daddy on the boil.

  2. so there’s a conscious effort to be nicer to Rachel that somehow includes unleashing Phil upon her mid-story? the way in which Rachel at first ignored and talked over Phil had me inappropriately laughing at work. so amazing.

  3. The grum was sorely lagging, but when Rachel came on, I got so excited. The sex chat, Rachel playing with Phil’s body parts and her excitement to do it had me wetting myself with laughter on the bus. Everyone looked at me like I was retarded. Love you Rachel! Debra, listen to Madge. Stop insulting and yelling at Phil. He’s the best thing to happen to this grum in a LONG time. Just shut your yap. Sorry to be crude, but you do talk a bit much at times. It gets a bit grating. More calling the abortiong girls and crying and all is forgiven. Madge and Churyll, I love you gurlz, keep it up!

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