YR1241Movies with the GRRLZ watch Rodentz

yr1141ratz movies with the girls presents ratz
The award winning spectacular, Rodentz, quickly moves to the background as Madge, Debra and special guest star and Love Boat regular, Ragan
go off on a tangent discussing lucid dreaming, rapists and horny ex TV stars and how they all tie into tonight’s movie! Madge gets medical advice from her listeners.

Other topics include: Fox and His Friends. Gays make horrible coffee! Quick-change drag in customs. The First Kids. Wait. There was a movie? Oh yeah. Ratz or something. Worker’s rights. Debra for President! When did the movie finish? Benghazi.

One thought on “YR1241Movies with the GRRLZ watch Rodentz”

  1. I’m at 30:00 into the movie and y’all be bitches be blabbing out dreams. Ain’t nobodee got time for dat! You’re missing an AMAZING movie! You overlooked the g-string wearing girl, her friends are getting trashed drinking apple juice from a milk carton, a cat and a janitor were calmly killed, and you guys are talking about blah. Like Churyll would say “Come oooonnnn…” You guys are missing out on of the best movies ever. I want to hear you guys make fun of the movies and less about dreams. Oh, and the whole clock thing that Ragan is yapping about. Yeah, she got that from the movie “Waking Life”, I know, I watched it.

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