4 thoughts on “YR1128 The World is Full of It”

  1. ASMR isn’t a medical term; it’s something made up. It does work and but not everyone feels it. It helps me sleep sometimes, but the quality of videos has gotten pretty bad because they try too hard. I don’t feel it like I used to.

    It started for me when I watched someone get a massage. Strange, yes, but for some reason, it felt like I was getting a massage.

    ASMR involves more than just talking. Sometimes, certain types of noises will make someone get tingles (not the dandruff shampoo tingles).

  2. i love the glimmer of realness with Debbie right at the end of the grum.
    spoler: debs was fayt and fab when she was a lil gurl

  3. I loved hearing about Debra listening to Yeast Radio in High School! Did I hear that right? Also, Cheryl Broke Kayla! She couldn’t stop coughing. Then she actualy acknowledged that she recognizes Cheryl’s voice! Some amazing calls. The shows lately have been amazing and all very different. Keep it up Madge, Cheryl, and Debra!

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