11 thoughts on “YR1208 10 Years of Yeast”

  1. I love the calls. The political right will continue to attack health care, the environment, gays, women’s lives…. I think yeast radio is the place for smart liberals to relentlessly pick at their core beliefs in return. We probably all should be laughing more. After all, I got that political science degree because I was inspired by your show. Fans do serious all day, I love dismantling anti abortion clinic’s one grum at a time.

  2. Hi Madge. I really enjoyed your anniversary show. The songs from Mr. Zeeche are so great to hear again. And though I know that not all the ten years were good for you, this show did remind me of some fun times and all the interesting characters that you brought into our lives. Thanks!

  3. I just sent a donation to match Ryl’s age. is that how you loik it?

    Ive been a man of yeast for 10 years and my dream is to write MAdge’s biography. Debra Wilkerson is a saint. Happy annivhersary.

  4. I was kind of expecting a 6 hour show with guests like Ragan Fox or Rachel Kann calling in, but some Mr Zeeche-songs will do as well. Congratulations, dear lesbian, and thank you!

  5. Love you Madge. Still listening to you after ten years, started listening right after graduating high school so this 10 year anniversary holds extra weight as I honestly cant imagine my ‘adult life’ without this grum lol. I love these melancholy emo grums and can relate as I’m going through similar professional struggles but please don’t get worried about the direction of the show. I have listened to you through all your phases and I’m with taffy, the prank calls are cathartic and are just a variation of what your show has always been about – attacking the establishment and fighting the anti gay right wing in your own twisted way. Please keep grumming forever I love you Cheryl Debra xxxxx

  6. Hi, Madge. I been listening since December/2004. I started listening same time as the Adams Curry, the Dawn and Drew, etc. but I don’t listen to none of them anymore. I still subscribe to the Yeast, tho.

    Thanks for makin’ all the podz over the years. I’m gonna make a donation but it won’t be a big one ’cause I live in a trailer park and most of my net worth is in food stamps.

    Keep on grummin’!

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