Yeast Radio Solo #1186: Snack Food Garbage in Mattress

My first solo grumm in a while, mainly to complain about my shitty life.  If you want to feel better about your shitty life then this is the grumhole for YOU!

yr1186web yeast radio girls just wanna have abortions


18 thoughts on “Yeast Radio Solo #1186: Snack Food Garbage in Mattress”

  1. Hope you find work soon. Been listening since podshow days, always seems unfair that what was effectively a hoax or a company (who knew podcasting wouldn’t be a big ad revenue opportunity) has set you back so far for a career.

  2. Great podcast! I wish you’d do more steam of Conciousness ‘casts like this. Used to enjoy the ones you did while tidying your apartment.

  3. Madge, the Vitamix plant in Ohio is always running ads looking for assembly line people. You’d have to move but you might get an employee discount. I think those kinds of jobs still hire old people. And lesbians.

  4. – Finally!!! A solo-grrm!

    – More Electrolux and Neneh Cherry!

    – Please tell us more about your open-source helpline phone software pop-under SEO-optimizer!

    – And also, like Quinquin said; so sorry about your dad, Madge. I hope he’ll be fine.

  5. Where is the Vitamix unboxing video?
    Which one are you getting?
    I hear the Professional 300 in Ruby Red is the best for making vegan banana ice cream to driveout the stomache demonz.

  6. We need more solo grums. I suggest you start a kickstart to cure yeast infections. You can probably get lots of money. Make sure you tell a sad story and have lots of pics.

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