yeast radio with madge weinstein ragan fox cheryl merkowski rachel kann episode 1157

Yeast Radio 1157 EPIC Grumm of 3.75 hours with Cheryl, Ragan, and Golda

this is a REALLY long show, goatse style. Includes a special re-visit to a certain Abortion hotline lady.

Very fun show please2enjoy. Lots of grummholder content and more more more.

yeast radio with madge weinstein ragan fox cheryl merkowski rachel kann episode 1157

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18 thoughts on “Yeast Radio 1157 EPIC Grumm of 3.75 hours with Cheryl, Ragan, and Golda”

  1. Rachel – I’m becoming your #1 fan – where can I find more of your content like the piece Fat Madge played at the end (poetry over soundtrack)? Weweweeueeee

  2. My roid got hard , luv it had Ms Miller been on Yeast grum, luv that collaboration ..Madge, Cheryl, TBoo nuff said.

  3. this was a great show, thank you so much madge, rylch, ragan and rachel. I never commenk but i had to this time. I loved hearing you three have such an intense conversation at the end.. i miss those dees. + loved how insane and gleeful cheryl got with the caull. real nice.

  4. Madge, this ‘grum is so good I almost feel badly about not paying you! But, I have a suggestion, find an artist and articulate your cast characters in the form of a cartoon. Pitch Adult Swim. Got sale written all over it!

  5. How can this woman at the abortion hotline not remember Cheryl? How many weird phone calls like these does she get on a regular shift?

  6. About the topic of runners’ diarrhoea: In my experience, runners get the shits because often times they kinda overdose on Magnesium (it’s a major component of your gels, sports drinks etc. to prevent cramping), but your body can only absorbe so much, so this is its way of dealing with the extra Magnesium in your digestive system.
    I wonder if Grizelda would agree with me on this.

  7. Superbly hilarious show! I cannot get enough of Madge and Cheryl! What the hell is Cheryl on? I want some! Apparently none of you are Dr Who fans. Daleks are an alien race in Dr Who. If you robotized her voice she would sound just like one. You should robotize Cheryl’s voice sometime. That would be hilarious! Love ya bitches! Have a great deeeee!!!!

  8. Madge, Ragan and Rachael; liked the follow up conversation on the toe to toe episode. But, honestly, Ragan… I suspect we’re all complicit in systems that are if not less than perfect then downright … bad. How does the idea that Rachel is somehow mislead for engaging her faith because it was/is historically homophobic stack up against being a former big brother “star?” I’d read 500 of Rachel’s outbursts before watching 1 episode of that crap… just sayin…

  9. LOVING the George Carlin-clip and Rachel’s blessing or course. And that Wir sind Helden-song (or was it Rosenstolz?). I had to rewind several times to hear those snippets again…

  10. Why doesn’t Grizelda just play her baby some Mozart? I’ve read that his music is very soothing to infants (except for maybe the end of Don Giovanni 😉 )

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