6 thoughts on “Yeast Radio #1150 The Shabbos Goy”

  1. I’m not goyisha-shamin’! Promise! I just think she’s a little heavy (#tooheavyonmyfeet) on the wealth as identity thing. The tennis and the destination marathons and the we only buy pasta from this one place grey poupon commercial realness and body image issues? I mean, it’s all very Orange County. WHO’S THE REAL GRISELDA? You know, outside of the bourgie stuff? That’s who I want to hear from. Like, I want to know what she thinks of Rachel Kann. Does she have strong opinions about rough anal? Which Hampton does she prefer? Has she had any lesbian experiences?I want all that down and dirty shit.

    Sidebar: Isn’t Viking known primarily for its ranges? She should rip that shit out and throw into the East River. Give it a Viking funeral, gorl.

    Regardless of all that nonsense, I didn’t mean to actually offend anyone. Martin Scorsese was a shabbos goy, thank you very much. #noshame #proyyyyyd #mothuhdarling

  2. Koch Bros, Limos , Doormen…but out Fatty spottin…so duh, its a bit sctich , but luv a jewy jealousy fueled cat fight !!! Luv da drama !

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