yeast radio 1036 Sugarlyps

Yeast Radio Solo #1136 Sugar Lyps

Just me in my beyudd talking about important things such as yeast.

yeast radio 1036 Sugarlyps

Rebuilding Eat This Hot Show history and Yeast Radio history.
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Messups with Sylvia etc.
Christ can’t cum/too heavy on feet.
Golden Bowls
Spinnin’ wheels
servin’ girls
self employment tax bs
amicus brief blah blah blah
Betty White- die or shut up
Circumcision HIV propaganda
See movie: Mom, Why Did You Circumcise Me? by Michael Schaap
Horrible menopause movie. Yuck Yuck Yuck.
Diana Scarwid
I wonder

One thought on “Yeast Radio Solo #1136 Sugar Lyps”

  1. Thanks for linking to Michael Schaap’s circumcision-documentary, I recently went back and watched it again after I’ve seen his Viagra(R)-documentary on the television. The HIV-argument is really ridiculous and kinda absurd when you think about it, also the hygiene-argument (I have indoor plumbing, I take a shower every day, I manage to keep my penis clean despite the foreskin thankyouverymuch).
    We’ve had a lot of discussion about circumcision here in Europe after last year’s court ruling in Cologne, Germany that basically ruled that the infant’s right to physical integrity is more valuable than the child’s parents’ right to religious freedom. There was a lot of discussion following that, even citing Antisemitism and Freudian fear of castration for the vast public support for the court’s decision.
    I kinda wish you would discuss that with Rachel Kann…

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