Yeast Radio 1137 Prolapse Party… with Cheryl Merkowski and Ragan Fox

Ragan Fox joins Cheryl Merkosk and long lost Jason Flatiwicz for a fun time!
Lots of fun yeast filled topics and many many funny phone calls.
Especially fun is Cheryl’s call to an abortion clinic. Weuw.

yeast radio 1137 with cheryl merkowski ragan fox and more friends

OH and if you want to watch the recorded LIVE STREAM with video click here. (only the video costs money. the audio podcast is always free.

8 thoughts on “Yeast Radio 1137 Prolapse Party… with Cheryl Merkowski and Ragan Fox”

  1. Madge, Rylch and Jason A+++ translation 2 audio of what was happin on Prolapse party on Grumcast..I visualized . OMG gotta get access 2 this sike.

  2. Really appreciated the opening Richard Strauss music. Could you, or your opening act Shelley Raab, tell me which opera it came from? I love Strauss, too, but sometimes cannot identify certain pieces.

  3. A++++ grum! I fell out at all the phone calls, especially the “coon poos” in the handicapped stall. On a serious note, I know what it’s like to struggle with addictions and I’m happy to hear that you’re a super sober lesbian once again. Weuuuuu

  4. I think Wanda Wisdom has a cruise booked with that cruise line (Bahamas or wherever, some time around April 13), maybe Cheryl could call in her name and get further information about special accommodations.

  5. Madge’s Hestian vaginal humors and Cheryl’s potently sour and acrid prolapse fumes intermingle for 2 and 3/4 hours. When combined with the squeakings from some pipsqueaks in the background, they form an audiopodcastual melange that leaves us with an unpleasant yeasty flavor in our mouth, but wanting more…

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