YR1119 The Urine Review with Madge Weinstein and Cheryl Merkowski

MADGE AND CHERYOYL ARE BAQUE for this special year-end recap of the world of 2012.
We be keepin’ it reayull as usual.
We also have special guess including JAIMAIDS and Jeffrey Taylurd!
It’s very fun. Not really. gf 2x

yeast radio year end wrap up with madge weinstein and cheryl merkowski

10 thoughts on “YR1119 The Urine Review with Madge Weinstein and Cheryl Merkowski”

  1. It’s funny how Cheroyl never struck me as straight, but it makes me kinda hopeful that even extremely ugly peophole can find love out there.

  2. tnx w/o MADGE, Cheryl would have had fallen off the face of the internet all together.
    Does she (Cheryl) keep producing mini-grums, as she used to?
    I forgot my Twitter-sheet password and her tweets r protected.

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