Yeast Radio 1128 An Epic Grum with Cheryl Prolapse and Ragan Fox

OH and Cheryl makes some AMAZING phone calls to the French melon-based face cream company.

P.S. It’s LAWNG!

yeast radio 1128 with madge weinstein cheryl merkowski and ragan fox

10 thoughts on “Yeast Radio 1128 An Epic Grum with Cheryl Prolapse and Ragan Fox”

  1. Very good grumm. Highlights include Madge’s ringtone, Cheryl’s Melon call, Cheryl asking Madge about the mass graves at DD, and Ragan Fox being a big gay.

  2. Honestly, I could listen to Cheryl (and Madge curating sound effects) talking to customer service reps all goddamn day. Loved this grum. J’ai adoré ce programme, Aint Teresa.

  3. Mayudge, I have downloaded all FatC-episodes before Ragan’s Libsyn-account expired, I think I have archived them somewhere. Which episodes are you looking for specifically?

  4. The last 40 minutes made me nostalgic. It was like a yeast from the good old days of the podsnow (when I could still use codes Madge1 Madge2 Madge3 to get great discounts). Of course I particularly enjoyed the mashup with Big and Little Edie and La Traviata.

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