6 thoughts on “Yeast Radio #1122 Marvelous”

  1. Madge, I heard you talk about how you needed glasses. Have you heard of coastal.com? They give you your first pair of glasses for free, although lens upgrades like progressives are extra. I’ve never used them, but I had a friend tell me about them. Maybe it’s just the penny pinching solution you need. Girdle.

  2. 1. Your getting $50 on 1/26/13. NOT that you EVER acknowledge when I donate money to you…but its ok (Jew Guilt).

    2. You are a talent. You should know that talent and smart does not mean you will be successful in this country (look at the Kardashian’s).

    Your a Cunt. Let’s own up to it and move on.

  3. Great ‘grum as always. It’s eyebuydirect.com in case you forget. I know I do. I would donate money if you’d get your finger off the goddamned clips button. Jesus fuck, repeating the same clip 30 times in a row isn’t funny, it’s annoying. Thank god for the 30 second fast forward thing.

  4. Loved the grum, but are you huffing? Sounded like you were shaking a can of spray paint while you were rambling on and on.

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