6 thoughts on “Yeast Radio #1120 Vaginal Garlic Smell (What is that smell?)”

  1. I could seriously listen to you ramble for hours. Your sociological and psychological observations are gold, which might be because they coincide with mine so well, but nonetheless I think you’re wonderful. When you have guests on the show I always find them extremely interesting…maybe not Rylls so much. Cheryl is great in her own way, don’t get me wrong, just not really what I’ve come to love about this podcast. Keep on keepin’ on, Madge! You are great!


  2. Good to have you back, Madge. Loved the solo ‘grum with you talking about life, politics, Mikeypod, etc. For someone broke as you be, you sure have a lot of really expensive apple products. Here’s to hoping you get lots more donations so that you can get the glasses to actually see them. Have you tried eyebuydirect.com? They do progressive lenses for like $50, and their glasses have worked out great for me. Only drawback is that the processing time is like 2 weeks or so. That said, it costs like $100 for the lenses, frames, shipping, and all the rest, as long as you have the prescription already. And a prescription costs about $50 here in Manhattan, so I’m pretty sure you could find something similar either in Chicago or Chicago Beach. If you go to Chicago Beach again, the NSU Vision Clinic does a full comprehensive eye exam for less than $50. You just have to sign up in advance.

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