yeast radio 1118 madge solo rachel can post

Yeast Radio 1118 Back Solo with a Tragic End

Inside this podcast you will find the reason I am baque. Afturd a shart inturdmission, you will be force fed a tragic train wreck that Rachel Kann and I recorded a few weeks ago. It is truly an abortion. This is the pro-life protest poster on which it lies. Gertle.
yeast radio 1118 madge solo rachel can post

15 thoughts on “Yeast Radio 1118 Back Solo with a Tragic End”

  1. Madge? I apologize. However, I’m still critical of the weird classist, often misogynist, often racial undertones of the fat-shaming thing. It’s really, really cruel and sociopathic. Blah blah blah anyway, I love what you do aside from this lorge misstep in your otherwise delightful persona. (But I do believe there’s a difference between humor and just being an awful person. I think the fact that you publicly degrade other human beings is what upsets me so much. It would devastate me if I were treated like a garbage monster sideshow on the train. Or anywhere. That’s what I can’t get past. Oof.) But whaddo I know anyway, huh? I don’t know anything. Never have. And I absolutely shouldn’t have said those harrible things. Loved the new grum. Congratz on the new mic. Sounds great. Disaster-Rachel is about twenty pounds away from you snapping a picture of her on the goddamn Skokie Swift. It was perfect. Keep on keepin’on, gur.

    All my thinspo, thigh-gap love,

    Shoshanna “Ferguson”

  2. Woah. So my lady voices got me listening to The Carpenters yesterday for some unknown reason and now here’s “calling occupants” on your show. This is gonna be my theme for the year…the aliens are my spirit guides and I am convinced they are trying to contact me. I’m not even kidding.

  3. Glad ya grumminz…including of course shartouts 2 madge merkowski and cheryl Weinstein on da ghetto grums on tinychat ect etal Golden prolapse standpipe fan !!

  4. glad to have this to listen to on the bpl today madge. sorry i didnt come to your meetup at crumbs (unfortunate because i love their cc’s), but i was away and too stupid to figure out how to post a “no” on your meetup thing on facebook. I tried to find where i could politely decline but i couldnt. anyway, walked past the crumbs on third and 77th or wherever today and thought i saw your ghost double fisting two grasshopper cc’s.

  5. Madge, I’m just catching up. I enjoyed your show. I’ve always thought Rachel has lots of self-awareness, and I appreciate her.

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