10 thoughts on “YR1114 Madge with Bicyclemark”

  1. This show is dangerous, how can you not trash Israel :)?

    (all the best to both, and Mark you have to show up for dinner or Vera will be sad)

  2. thanks for posting this!

    It raises interesting question about the limitations of subjective experience.

    I just watched an interesting film, which I would recommend called ‘Paradise Now’ about two fictional suicide bombers in Palestine. It is worth watching, it kinda questions some of the simplistic good/bad, black/white narratives of the conflict (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradise_Now)…

    thanks again for posting this

  3. should say that the above post in no way suggests that this is anything other than a atrocious horrible fucked up thing that people do, the recent bombing of israeli tourists in Bulgaria shows how fucked up that is. That can not be described as anything but an atrocity,

    it’s depressing that the circle of violence just seems to continue

  4. As always, Mark makes for great showgrums whenever he’s on Yeast Radio! I for one would love to hear that conversation between him and Rachel

  5. An honest conversation between Rachel and Mark on that specific topic? It would be like the famous Dershowitz v Finkelstein debate or a five year old fighting Bruce Lee. It would be brutal intellectual massacre. But we all know what is going to happen. Rachel quoting singing bowls and reciting old scriptures and Mark politely backing down before a defenseless opponent.

    The world has decided on that issue more than once; we all know exactly who the two perpetrators are; who is actively blocking any progress and nevertheless I’m reading stories like “Israel orders demolition of 8 Palestinian villages, claims need for IDF training land” on Haaretz on an almost daily basis. We should be ashamed of ourselves that we are able to travel the universe, but are still unable to solve the most trivial social problems.

    And no, I don’t care about how comfy one can live in this system and what an insider thinks. Why should I? I don’t have to literally live amongst Romans, be a dissident in the Soviet Union or a reporter in Mexico to know how shitty these systems are for some and how pleasant they can be for the ignorant.

    Please don’t make the self made-rocket & bomb argument again. It is as valid as the Germans complaining about resistance from Dutch and French partisans or settlers being slightly irritated by Indians attacking with bow and arrow. What should the Palestinians do? Be more “civil” and accept our rules. Simply lay down and die in silence under a rain of cluster ammunition and white phosphor? Would you?

  6. Ok I’m a little behind in the grums. I just listened to this one today. This is by far one of my favorites. Mark and Madge really work well together. Not that Cheryl’s prolapse isnt important, but it’s great to hear you two talk about some important and serious topics.

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