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  1. The last five minutes repeat, and then the podcast cuts off right when I praise Madge for being an amazing friend to me. But that’s probably on purpose cuz Madge hates when I am nice to her and tell her how pretty she is.

  2. My recording stops after Rachel contemplating staying through Yom Kippur and her offering Madge her bed to sleep on for some wedding. According to iTurds, there should be 29 secunts left that i cannot listen to 🙁

  3. Look, I love Rachel and I am so glad she is happy. But in truth, isn’t this exactly what every single Jewish girl in the US wants…people that take care of her every need? She was so excited and even mentioned this at several points during the show – she has people now that don’t ignore her..but take care of her every need! Madge should get herself down there and perhaps interview VERY kosher lesbian’s.

  4. I can’t believe that is what you got out of this show. Really? I am working and supporting myself while I am here. “Every single Jewish girl in the US wants…people that take care of her every need?” You are prejudiced and totally projected your prejudices on to the act of listening to the show. I am exhausted by your comment. I guess I will need to find someone to take care of that. Gross.

  5. Israel gets bad press because of its government. Like the US government, it has long been hijacked by ultraconservative hateful close-minded politicians who play on religion, fear, and a bit of populism. In the end, it is not Israel that is vilified, its the government that is infamous for its politics, and yes, holding people in what are effectively prison camps. I realize there is no point to saying this. I’ll stop and try and add something more useful to this comment — I hope Rachel will go to the West Bank, I wish she could go to Gaza (friends there tell me foreigners getting access can be difficult).. then tell us how she views the government and how things work there. No one questions the beauty and the creative-cultural wonders of Israel.. its the politics.. the politics…. == Good luck Rachel.

  6. I think Israel gets a bad press not just in the US.

    If you read the left Israeli press (Haaretz) and follow the websites of Israeli human rights organizations (B’Tselem) you find plenty of examples of things that are wrong and messed up like Israel denying Palestinians housing permits and demolishing their homes (see Susiya), holding Palestinians in ‘administrative detention’ for years without charge or trial, govt. collusion in the creation of illegal settlements, ….

    i’m not sure if it is possible to say that ‘what you say about Israel is not true’ on the basis of the limited observation of one small part of a place, which fails to take into account of the lived experience of the arab minority.

  7. also, and finally:

    if there isn’t a form of second class citizenship why does the law not enable the acquisition of Israeli citizenship or residency by a Palestinian from the West Bank or Gaza Strip via marriage?

    The U.S State department have noted that the government has done “little to reduce institutional, legal, and societal discrimination against the country’s Arab citizens” [http://www.state.gov/j/drl/rls/hrrpt/2004/41723.htm]

  8. I have to give Rachel credit, it takes balls to go to a foreign country with even knowing where you will stay. Theres not enough Xanax in the world for me to do that.

  9. Madge has asked me to reply, but all I really have to say is this: If you listen to the podcast, you can’t help but hear that I acknowledge all of these things, in terms of the fact that the grand sum of what I have to offer is my personal experience. I took the trouble to come here and see for myself what is going on. I encourage anyone who wants to run their mouth about any topic to do the same. And then, know that all you have to offer is your own perspective. I am always on Team LOVE. Period.

  10. I agree. I think it takes LOTS of balls – and rachel – to live in another country. I have lived in two other countries and loved each experience. Rachel honey, I’m just being tongue and cheek with you! I love a cute Princess darling! And hey, aint nuttin’ wrong with wanting to be taken care of. YOU are my favorite character in the Madge lineup (in addition to Madge) and I cant wait to hear what is happening in your life.

  11. Facebook is not an option. Because of my profession I don’t involve myself with it. It get’s in the way of my relationship with people!

  12. I found this progrum very interesting!
    Over all, what Rachel describes coincides with what the impressions a friend of mine told me who spent two weeks in Jerusalem a couple of years ago while doing research on Theordor Herzl.

  13. The electrocution-experiment Rachel mentioned is called the “Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures” (or just “Milgram experiment”) btw.

  14. I had to come back and listen to this conversation once more after listening to Mayim Bialik’s interview on Howard Stern and her experience with Judaism. I couldn’t help but think of Rachel…

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