10 thoughts on “YR1112 Literally Rach3l and Madge”

  1. LOVING the album ark!
    This Progrum is a bit short for my taste, but it comes with a fantastic remix in the end, so whoopie!

  2. So nice to hear Rachel’s voice again. Madge could improve the audio quality by recording inside a running washing machine on the Heathrow Airport tarmac.

  3. Rachel, dear, you need to come back and do a longer show with Madge! Did you actually move to Jerusalem or is this temporarily? What kind of scholarship did you get? How are you experiencing life in Israel? This was way too short a conversation when such big things are happening and need to be discussed!
    But I do admire you for being badass and moving there, even without knowing anyone there, and living your dream (boldly speaking). I hope you’re doing fine!

  4. Loveys,

    We had to cut the show off because Madge was hiding under a bridge like a troll and then her boss man came up and she had to make a quick getaway!!

    Thank you for enjoying the grum. I wanna do a longer one too. Madge???

    Maybe with the new time difference Madge will be able to record more often. Who knows?

    I am on my way to NYC as we speak. I land in Israel on the 19th. I am supposed to be there for 3 months. We’ll see.


  5. Ah, good to hear from yous.

    I love the way Rachel was absolutely run over by an unstoppable wall of sound that was completely disregarding her opening-of-heart. Just blasting on with no regard for hurt feelings, tact or compassion. And then I haven’t even mentioned the trains.
    Way to go, Madge! Rachel likes to be dominated.

    Good on you, Rach! Work that Promised Land!
    Good on you, Madge! Work that Coco D!
    No, seriously… Good on yous!

  6. When Madge yelled to her boss that she’s on the phone talking to Rachel, it totally reminded me of when Rachel was in New York doing that play and telling random people on the street that she was “calling in on a radio show” while she was on the phone with Madge. Made me lol

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