14 thoughts on “YR1110 The Wizard and I with Rachel Kann and Madge Weinstein”

  1. – 60 min max! 😀

    – Pole-dancing-rabbi Kann. Greasing her vaginal grease.

    – It’s funny how you say that this progrum will suck, when in fact it’s the quite opposite. The progrums where it sucks and sells are when you get bogged down in almost passive aggressive navel-gazing (Omphaloskepsis) about your place on earth.

    – Madge, I believe you will be somewhat miserable where ever you are. Don’t get me wrong – You seem to enjoy it! By miserable I mean nostalgic, introvert, content and loving it.

    I would know, I sometimes am just the same. However, the thing of it is is that it’s not constructive.

    – Please elaborate on your girlfriend!

    – Yeah, who does need health care? Well, well, the devil you know, right?

    – Rachel, how big is the hard drive? Since you play a lot of music (reading a lot of data) you might want to look into an SSD drive (basically a flash drive) as SSDs have no moving parts and will not break down like a regular hard drive would. But it costs much more…

    – Game of Thrones is superb. However, Arrested Development is just perfect! It’s so intelligently written, brilliantly paced and all-out hilarious and genius, yes!!!

    There’s nothing better than finding out about a TV show, “acquiring” all episodes and then just going to addiction town on the lot!

    – Good Yalda, Rach’!

    – Love the considerate transition back into Pole Dancing.
    Also, love how Madge is pressing your button on the vagina’s role for proper pole dancing, Rachel. She just finna be facetious!

    Btw, I’m Polish. Wanna dance?

    – It depends on what kind of event it was? Teamsters can also be anonymous.

    – Beagles are vicious. In a cool way.

    – Rachel, so true about girls and getting laid. It’s all about standards.

    Also, love Madge’s emotionless dismissing of Rachel’s slightly deranged candidate list. A ++!

  2. – No, this show is pretty easy-listening. Good to listen to @ work.

    morse code.

    – Sunny in Philadelphia is brilliant. Thanks for telling me about it!

    Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman) is a very nice guy – not a nazi at all, you crazy jew, you!

    – Again, easy-listening is where it’s at. Get an agenda if you’re feeling bad about that.

    – Ah, for fucks sake, Rachel. Are you Sylvia’s cousin with those prayers?

    – Yes, the list. Throw in a chiropractor and you’re set.

    – Rachel, you must be ripped! But, why do you have to shave your head like a good jew wife to feel good about yourself. Have some distance to your religion and you’ll feel better.

    “Get fucked!”

    Ah, forget it.

    – Great imitation! I side with your mum on your brain-farting.

    – Love the “You’re an idiot!” at the end of that musical torture.

    – Yeah, Arrested Development – “COME ON!!!”

    and last but not least

    – Artwork sure is genious!!!

  3. I love that Madge used to have a duck when she was a child. I used to have a duck as well, but unfortunately I don’t remember what it was called, I was too young. One day I came home from Kindergarten and was told that my dad had brought them to the big lake about a one-hour drive away from where we lived… It was years later when I was told that actually, that night, a fox or a marten must have eaten it.
    It’s nice to have Rachel back on the grum 🙂

  4. Great show! I can relate to what you said about getting adjusted to new meds. This is my problem! This is the reason I can’t seem to get past 2 weeks on any one med with the exception of Xanax or Klonopin. Whenever I start an antidepressant I feel so crappy the first week I almost always give up. 3 weeks ago I decided to back on Lexapro for the ten thousandth time, I made it about 10 days. I was having panic attacks, insomnia, weird vivid dreams. It really suks.
    Rant over

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