7 thoughts on “YR1109 The Return of Live Yeast with Madge Weinstein and Cheryl Merkowski”

  1. A few notes:

    – Deft lesbian sound tech skills as usual.
    – Happy Birthday! You’re back to getting cocoa’d on now…?
    – New clips, wow! A new era of cycling the dead horse SBB.
    – Mind you; Sylvia’s “Paris” and “Pee-hole” clips = Win!
    – “Don’t let it rule your life!”, Cheryl – Get on the show more!
    – That’s right. Why should you pay your bills…?
    – …
    – Urine Netty Potting? Dafuq?!
    – …


  2. You are definitely performing a public service to the world by continuing to share the Sylvia clips with us. By the way…you do know that James Randi is a gay boy don’t you? One of us? blah blah blah. (He came out at age 81).

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