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  1. Thank you for grumming with Rachel again 🙂

    You made a very good argument about your experience at Notre Dame. Of course I don’t know what the flyer they handed out at the cathedral said, but may I offer another point of thought?
    I sometimes go to catholic mass on Sundays where I live, mostly when there’s music that I’d like to hear (the likes of Mozart, Schubert, Bruckner, Bach and so on). I think it’s beautiful and inspiring to hear the music performed by good singer, a good choir, and sometimes, the service even provides an insightful thought or even a spiritual experience, and for that I’m willing to get up early on a Sunday morning and sit around and genuflect in a cold church for 90 minutes or so.
    They do collect money in the end when you leave (other than the usual offertory, which happens during the service), to pay for the musicians, the singers, the conductor, the sheet music, and so on, which is legitimate in my opinion. And it’s kinda cheap in comparison to an opera ticket 😉

    I do understand your point and your disgust with the profane commercial business going on during or next to a religious ceremony, and I often times share it (like the souvenir stands, even paying an entrance fee to visit a cathedral), but I’d defend it as long as it’s a contribution to pay for the music I enjoyed.
    It’s actually kind of ironic that there’s a passage in the New Testament where Jesus expels the money changers from the Temple before Passover and basically cleans the Temple from any kind of commercial activity.

    Round here the preservation of sacred architecture is, to a large part, payed for with tax money, do you happen to know if that’s the case in France as well?

    Okay, I gotta get off my soapbox and continue listening now…

  2. Dear Rachel, I don’t understand why you keep thinking that this progrum is gonna suck, when IMO it offers A LOT of food for thought. There are so many interesting topics in this conversation, so many insightful points you guys make, that I feel like I have to listen to it a couple of times to process them all. I think it’s an excellent grum!

  3. And thank you for playing “Lie down beside you” in the end for me, it’s my favourite Track of yours. I remember trying to cut it out of an old Eat Bird-episode years ago (or did I download it off MySpace back in the day?) and listened to it so often that I can actually speak it along by now. (I’ll buy it eventually, I promise!) Plus I love the Cello or Bass or whichever instrument is accompanying you on the track. I’m really interested in this ballet piece you mentioned, is there any video footage on the interwebs you could link to so that we can get an idea of how that was like?
    Like I said, I really enjoyed the music, though I kinda wish you’d have played the Gussy-Song (the one that goes like “Bloodsisters, bloodbrothers…”) on the VD-grum to commemorate Gussy’s funeral.

  4. Well, Rache, maybe it was the retarded bashing of the Catholic church that put me off…

    there were one or two gems. give you that.

  5. I definitely felt like there was discourse regarding religious institutions and commerce and the awkward intersection that creates. That’s a problem in all religions, certainly not specific solely to Catholicism. Sorry it felt personal to you.

  6. Rachel, I like that quote you read, the approach that the scripture must not be taken literally in order to get to the essence of it.
    I think this is the main problem that most organized religions (and their conservative followers) have in common. If you take it literally, you don’t actually reflect on it. Also, there are many other factors one needs to consider when reading the bible (or any other religious text for that matter), the fact that it’s a translation, possibly from yet another translation from the original, then the fact that it’s some 2000 to 2600 years old, that Semitic languages have a different way of using language and metaphors than e.g. Germanic languages, they’re more symbolic, more colourful, and so on. Or the Quran, which must be read in a medieval form of Arabic (I’m not sure if it got vocalised at some point or not), doesn’t really encourage critical reading either (but that’s just an impression I’m having).

    I for one am often times irritated when self-proclaimed Christians use the most hateful and disrespectful words against e.g. gay people, when IMHO the bible teaches in its essence love, tolerance and respect towards your fellowmen.

  7. Madge you stupid bitch all Catholic masses ask for money. There aint no God or Easter bunny.
    Oh and Rapechel this was one of the best podcast ever and you were great!
    And I am not being sarcastic this was a great podcast.

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