13 thoughts on “YR1102 This is CNN”

  1. Sail On

    Past the winding
    Sheets, salt-sprayed
    Cheeks mine light
    Heart finds merry
    Darling limpet notes
    On the quarterdeck

    Sail on
    Weary soul flight

    Dawn awakens desire
    Like the nubile siren
    Song of slate gray
    Twilight dreams
    Dipped quill end
    Deep in night’s ink

    Touch, reach
    Wind in the gull’s feather

    Floats, falls
    Light as air
    Driven wisp of cloud
    Befogging the clear, cool
    Vision that swings
    Sings lilting against the tide

  2. boat?
    you really hate Paris, huh?

    always a pleasure to hear you, CTM (Cheryl Trig Merkowski) and her sister.

    yeah, art is so pretty!

    “Sheets, salt-sprayed…”
    makes me think of Madge orgasming with Ethel Merman.

  3. paris yeah I’m with you place is odd, some of the people are just nasty cold fucks.
    i think paris is a little better right now because you’re in it, clip on a lav do that madge weinstein thing let their shit just fly over you baby and live happy right now after all you’re a clever attractive talented funny lesbian in France, americah always going to be there, enjoy this time out.
    oh great show, please borrow ned and stacys lav again or let the gentiles know what the model is i.e. sennheiser me2 or me4 and we’ll chip in.

  4. 1duh had to meet you in secret for fear of jeopardizing her radio job.? Part of me understands completely. She is talented and deserves to make a buck in this business. Part of me not so much.

  5. Ophelia

    She lies upon the lilies fair
    Sunlight brush dew upon her hair
    Red and moist upon the lips
    Comes the vestal virgin’s kiss

    Not for me
    The lover strong
    Listen not
    For minstrel song

    Perfume lavender grace my bed
    Death so cold to kiss my head
    Earth to cover up my face
    Lined and torn from grief’s embrace
    Chill and cold the autumn song
    Leaves to fall my blanket strong

    Vain hope a ring upon my hand
    Upon my breast vain hope thy hand

    As paper fades
    Yellow with time
    So memory
    My heart to twine

    A moth to light
    So, let it be
    A woman fell
    In love with thee

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