7 thoughts on “YR1094 Hot Fridge”

  1. Your levels are way too low compared to Ceven’s, Auntie Vera would not be having that!
    I enjoyed your conversation with the Ceven. It’s very interesting for the most part, yet also boring at times (e.g. the refrigerator-discussion). Definitively looking forward to the next Yeast with Ceven. I particularly liked his (somewhat) outside perspective on Germany and the Germans.
    And I think you guys should meet up in Cologne as a half-way stop, you could get there for like 30 Euros with the TGV.

  2. I get your point about no direction. Just “getting yourself” into new life situations.

    Buy, hey, you’re in fricking Paris!
    I, for one, am very jealous of all the potential ways you have to waste your time there…

  3. renter rights differ a great deal from country to country in Europe, some are more landladyfriendly, others benefit the renter.

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