8 thoughts on “Dowager Lesbian Radio 1095 – Ne Pas D’eau”

  1. Love to hear Mark being back on your progrum, I think the last time he called in was when i was in Afghanistan some time in August or September 2010.
    Speaking of people we haven’t heard on your grum for quite some time: How’s Rachel doing?

  2. I have a theory that one Cheryl M. is a closeted “Vera Speaks For Real” listenturd, or “lovie”, as we refer to ourselves. I also belive that she sends him squashed pennies as a gift to his PO-box.

  3. Bicycle Mark was trying 2 work your political clit..but you were noticebly lathargdick in your responses ! Guess your burned out on US bullshit , hence your move !!

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