4 thoughts on “YR1084 Evvythaing fin turd be alwrong”

  1. I was on the buz when you talked about Stupid Adele at the hospital. You never mentioned if you got the dirty spot out. Really hope you get to see Rachel Kankan when you come out. I live in Riverside (65 miles away) , but i always go to Weho. Have fun!

  2. Loved the rant about circumcision – I adore Rachel but circumcision is wrong, wrong, wrong. Just because it’s part of a religion doesn’t make it ok to permanently mutilate a babys penis for no good reason. They can wait and do it at 18 if they must do it – I don’t care what they do past then, they can split their dick in two for all it matters.

    Also great point about the 911 comparison and the mind virus – if we can’t look past the gut reaction of blaming people and understand why it’ll happen again and again.

    Oh and “maybe there’s a turd in the basement” should have been the title for this show LOL.

  3. What an interesting angle you’re offering, Madge – the Consumeristic Revolution. I haven’t heard/read it anywhere else, but it makes total sense!

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