9 thoughts on “YR1083 Hi Honey”

  1. Wow; wut a tormented lesbun!
    Wouldn’t be easier to move to Canada + u wouldn’t have to learn a new language?

    but, honestly, u sound disturbed in this one.

  2. @Administrator
    dunno MADGE, i wus just trying to be polite and leave a comment
    maybe im projecting… -______-
    ps eat my PUSS poz hole

  3. Hi Madge,

    I think that this episode was one of your best ones ever.
    I love to hear when you reflect upon your world in an educated and sound manner. But, I’m sorry to hear that you’re in such a dilemma about what to do going forward. I hope you will find a way.

    I don’t think you sound disturbed. To me you are sounding painfully aware of the shortcomings of your current life situation and that this, naturally, brings you down. However, like you said, you only worry about the future. Not the present, so, somehow, you are able to figure shit out and make it work. Ergo, you are far from breaking down.

    Now, click your heels three times and maybe LaLaLand will call. Go help Rachel practise her pole dancing or putting her paws up or smth!

    Bye, bye, darling…

    P.S. The tall vampire Eric Northman is from Sweden, not Norway. I would know…

  4. Madge – have u started the process for Trosky’s
    International travel? A friend moved to London for work and her dog had to be quarantined for six months. There is some process u can start here with a qualified vet so when u arrive you can keep your dog.

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