yeast radio 1088 with madge weinstein and rachel kann

Yeast Radio 1088: A Fiddler on the Yentl

Anyone who gets through this 90 minute yeast radio disaster deserves a medal.

yeast radio 1088 with madge weinstein and rachel kann

Topics include but not limeturd to:

jew paranoia
japanese lessons
rabbi thusandso
rachel’s “seeking” ugh
f2m circumcision – rachel talks real crazy here
Braut Nazis
jacob and his angel
stripper pole
cleanse bullshit
diana nyad
Rachel’s won’t date non cocksuckers
bad ordering habit

41 thoughts on “Yeast Radio 1088: A Fiddler on the Yentl”

  1. I had to stop this grum at the 38 minute mark. Rachel’s continuous (very continuous) explanation about her meditation and religion was painful. Madge, we love to hear from Rachel but plz keep the topics flowing.

  2. This is like the third time you have used art with a photo of RACHEL KAHN – not RACHEL KANN. You are ridiculous. You should know better. You know me, Madge. You really can’t tell if that photo is me or not? WTF?

  3. I haven’t even listened to this grum yet but I already love it!
    5 comments in with 4 from Rachel on the defensive.

    You go, you hang-ups-girl, you!

  4. well, we all know that Rachel is a blabber mouth, the opposite of Cheryl who is so increadibly closed-off.

    btw, did u get the idea of doing TM from Howard Stern?

  5. Woah..Rachel, honey. Stop. Running from one institution to the next is never going to give you true completeness. It can help but your search has become desperate. Everything you said was about how you aren’t jewish enough and must be more jewish and need to live somewhere jewish and marry jewish, etc, etc, etc. It sounded obsessive nearly to the point of self hatred. You are way too wrapped up in these things, so much that it seems like you are missing out on everyday life and pleasure that could be found there…today.

    This is of course one of the functions of religion…to get you all wrapped up in the process, theory, mechanics of it to the point of being crippled by the continual search for more within that religion. It’s like a ponzi scheme.

    Obviously you just need some sex.

  6. Hi Dizeaze,

    It certainly did inspire me to know that Howard Stern did TM. I first found out about his TM practice while reading his book Private Parts.

    But before him, The Beatles had me excited about it, all the way back to my childhood.

    The person who ultimately tipped the scales and inspired me to try it, after many years of consideration, was David Lynch, in his book, “Catching The Big Fish.”


    Don’t worry about me, I am not blinded or idiotic or overwhelmed by a wave of relgiosity. Thanks for your concern, but I am confident that if I stay grounded, my intellect will help protect me from a cult-like state of overwhelm.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with exploring various spiritual traditions, and I am glad my journey led me back to my own Judaism.


  7. I love Rachel! Yes, I read the Lynch book and can totally see why semantics on any topic is important to you. Like I told you before, my mind shuts up it’s loud chatter when you speak about your meditation and your religion. Your thoughts are incredible to listen to and I can’t get enough. All these people who can’t stand your ideas, fuck them. You enlighten me and lots others with your ingenious ideas, even if they are controversial or wacky. You are one of our generations greatest!

  8. I think Kraftwerk has some good points, Rachael. You’re really talented, but seem to get sidetracked through concerns about what others think of you. You need the thick skin and determination of a battle tested lesbian like Madge.

  9. Thanks for this Grum!
    Madge I’ve been enjoying your recent grums – that’a girl!
    Rachel, however Jewish you are you’ll aways be jewish enough to be you. I’m grateful for you being you.

  10. The escapism of you both was particulary fascinating in this grum mostly. Very Jewy Grum , but I get it ..part of characturds and theme of dialouge. Rachel all over the place was a hoot also. Madge in Limbo is disheartening ! I still think? I hear Madge flickin her lighter in blackground audio? (hopefully just sum ol school chronic ) ?? So funny the pause in grum of Madge before admitting a relative or friend dating a ” Fox” Republicunt ! Fuck Andy Melton 4 not adding Madge in Facebloat still !! Good Grum in all ! Miss Cheryl ! Brautwerst , road rage stories lawlz !

  11. Rachel, you sound like you’re self sabotaging through religion and isreal.

    Live in the moment and stop overanalyzing your entire life. And your need for a Jewish man as partner resembles the self destructive attitude i see in the gay community. Creating a list of requirements so complex that you’ll always find something wrong.

  12. Awww really, thats Rachels Medical ( and needed !! ) Marijuanny lighturd flickin. Shit thought Madge got some fire shit from coco bros 2 self medicunt from the Limbo and homelessness.

  13. 2 seconds into the grum and I hear Rachel say “hellooo?!”, I’m smiling ear to ear. I’d listen to her reading the Cedar Rapids phone book and enjoy it…

  14. Svensken,

    Here’s my (as you put it) “complex list of requirements” as discussed on the podcast:

    1 must not be homophobic
    2 must be respectful of servers
    3 must be willing to try new foods

    …really? I’m asking too much?

  15. Hi Moon,

    To answer your question, no.

    I think someone googled my name, spelled incorrectly, (understandable,) found that poet’s photo, made album art, which Madge then used.


  16. Rachel,

    I thought I was using the correct photo and was only trying to pay tribute by including you in the album ark ark – I always look foward to your grums with the whore.

    Sorry – I thought I had the right one – that would be annoying for someone to get it wrong – do you have any headshots you could direct me to so I could use the future?

  17. I said I had a weird feeling that my soulmate simply did not live in LA, and that maybe he was in Israel. Those certainly aren’t REQUIREMENTS. (That said, even if they were, it still cuts a pretty wide swath of humanity.)

  18. – All that religious soul searching – whatever rocks your sox, yeah? But the way you present it, Rachel… You’re doing your head in.

    I mean, when you have found this… Perfection, or whatever it is that you are looking for, then what? Peaches, Cream and Gravy all the way? Nah, there’s always going to troubles, problems both critical and mundane along your life that will know you off your feet. Hassid or not. The question is how you get back up.

    – Regarding The Holy Land:
    “The reason people hate you is because you are treating others bad. The reason you treat other bad is because they hate you. People hate you because…”
    Rinse. Repeat. – When will it stop?

    Also, “the bride is beautiful but she is married to another man”.

    – I’m with Madge on that “foreskin remembrance” thing. Most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. 😉

    – Nice to servers? Rachel = AVC?

    – Suck a dick to be your man? Thanks, but no thanks.

    Anyhow, Rachel, I love to hate to love to hear you every time you’re on the show. Always a good inspiration for self-reflection.
    Thank you!


  19. James, thanks for your words. I know that you meant no offense. I just think Madge should have recognized that it wasn’t me, and maybe let you know, since that hag has seen me in person many many times. The simple fix is just to spell my name right when you google me. (Again, I know she has the more common spelling, and I don’t blame you.)

    That girl’s name is Kahn.

    My names is Kann.

    If you put in “Rachel Kann” when you google, there should be plenty of images.

    Or you can just be my friend on Facebook if you like.

    If you hit me up there, there’re even more photos, and/or I can send you some.

    Thanks for reaching out.


  20. I adore Rachel. I’m still catching up with YR, but have of course downloaded this and all the grums. I’m giddy just knowing that there is this Madge and Rachel duo waiting for me to listen. (giggles)

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