yeast radio 1097 with madge weinstein

Yeast Radio 1087: AIDS Ticks

A yeast radio mess up, followed by drunken blaquez, monologue by madge about Kardushians, sleeping arrangements, Oprah’s gym socks fetish, gine pissing, amsterdam, bust, iHomelessness, zeeche, a+surprise song don’t cheat!

yeast radio 1097 with madge weinstein


9 thoughts on “Yeast Radio 1087: AIDS Ticks”

  1. Yeast Radio without Cheryl…if I heard right. Will this be the start of an exciting new epoch or something less fun? The next group show will be to die for methinks.

  2. So, Cheryl found a GURLfriend and has no time for us?
    The whole thing is sooo depressing….

    i remember finding Whorehole and Yeastradio 2 yrs ago.. and now things have changed … the whole life thing is so sad…. nothing here stays… :(((

  3. Cheryl is gone forever?
    Not likely…

    In the meantime, let’s reminisce:

    – “No penis between us…”
    – Dead air podcast?
    – This Richard person with the emergency pre-approved credit cards?
    – On the road with Chauncey / “Hi Niggas! I’m on the road, Bitches?” / “POP IT, BITCH!!!”
    – Big, Black, Bi-Polar… Berbacia Clemens’ slipper text ideas
    – The interview with Norm
    – D.I.C.K. / Eatery-Tannery
    – The European vacation
    – Back in the day, when one came for the freak show and stayed for the political ranting
    – Madge 1, Madge 2, Madge 3 / “Help Podshow suck less”
    – Dawn pushing you into the pool
    – Shownotes
    – Yoga class woman with short, short shorts

    and of course

    – “Don’t you dare tell me that’s not the answer!!!”

    Remember that shit?

  4. Well Ms. Administrator, I don’t have that information…
    I might go browsing through this site to maybe find which grum it perhaps was on.

    I’m sorry, these are just some snippets I have logged in my head since way, way back…

  5. Oh lapse! It can’t be true! Cheryl retired?! But just when Yeast Radio was at it’s peak! I know that Madge said it was ok, but Cheryl did just start a new season of True Doody a few grums ago. Please drag her lapse out again!

  6. Micerl I loved those times! Classic Yeast. The first and the last ones are the best, I miss Andy. “She’s inclined to be ahead of her time and shes a lezzzzbian”

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