12 thoughts on “YR1076 Green Light of… Nyess”

  1. Really?!? Madge, I’ve listened to you for years. I’ve always found your voice on ETHS to be the one I agreed with. On a panel your intellect really shines and your POV is smart, quick and funny. BUT what the fuck are you doing with these Yeast podcasts. How is a song about abortion interesting? I don’t find it offensive – its just really really weird. How is it that basing your shows around Cheryl shitting – saying nigger – or talking about abortions funny? Shouldn’t gay men should have some sensitivity to women and other minorities. Its not that I don’t find some of that humor funny like when a show moves threw a subject such as that – but to stew in these notions is just a turn off. Is this like eposide 1061 where Rachel explained the reason you didn’t get Lady Gaga is that she is intended for ages 10-15? Is Yeast Radio now for those demographics with mother issues?

  2. @hateman
    You know what? Normally I would approve a comment like yours and not reply it but I’m sick of shit like this. You don’t get the show. Fine. You probably don’t get it because you’re so far above our sophomoric humor, but regardless, YOU DON’T GET IT. So guess what? GO THE FUCK AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK. Do not listen to this show and do not post on this blog. You are hereby unlicensed to listen to this show. FUCK OFF. DIE. If you post here again or listen to this show again you will be banned to the greatest extent to which technology will allow. I will ban your ip, your user name, your iSP, and if that doesn’t work, the whole fucking city you live in.

    If you don’t like it DON’T LISTEN. GET OUT OF MY LIFE, ASSHOLE!

  3. In response to REALLY, i always laugh out loud when the nigger and coon loops are played. In a world where everything is nearly fuckinv sanitized, it is refreshing to hear Madge and Cheryl talk about cunnyholes, talking like little girls, and shitting. Does this make me racist? Sure, why the fuck not? And why is being racist a bad thing? I call people blacks, niggers, coons, cunts, spics. These are only hateful words if you let them get to you. And I’m
    not a racist, because I love all people. Get a thick skin you fattie…

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