YR1070 It Gets Worse

Madge and Rachel together again.
Very serious topics.
We delight and annoy.



No. You never played with poo. You liked to sit on the potty and read. Said good-bye when we flushed. You went like a big girl. Easy to potty train.


25 thoughts on “YR1070 It Gets Worse”

  1. It’s always good to hear a grum with the Rapechel.

    Maydge should move to the Los AngelAIDS. California’s fucked, prolly worse than the rest of the country but the weather’s nice. That’s why I moved here.

  2. Great grum. Mayudge, not to diminish your other issues, but I think MONEY TROUBLES are your #1 issue. If you made more money you would be happier because you wouldn’t be stressed out about where your prescrips are coming from and have monAIDS to do yoga, and the condo not selling wouldn’t be such a hassle.
    And yet, it seems like you feel entitled not to work more (as far as I know the COCO DEUUURM isnt full time). Maybay get a second job. I had to get a second job now, and walk dogs when I’m not teaching and not having money worries makes every other challenge a little easier. weeeaauw.

  3. Cher- I work 40-60 hours a week, including a part time job I already have. The problem is that I don’t make enough money for what I do, not that I am some fat welfare queen.

  4. Weuw! Two grums in three days! Loving it. I was astounded by just how many topics you & Rachel covered in this one (pole danced on my tree of life whilst listening:) Thanks for sharing ladies

  5. Excuse me, please. I think this is the core problem: the working poor. Somebody who works 40-50 hours a week should be able to make a decent living, including healthcare, no matter what kind of work he does, what kind of education she has. Even a cleaning woman who is sweeping floors for 40 hours a week should be able to pay her bills.
    Then again, I’m European… and a Socialist…

  6. btw, I have nothing against cleaning people, it’s just an example of a job that requires very little to no training…

    And @Rachel: it worries me that you don’t have healthcare!

  7. your voice was really jewish today I loved it

    madge you’re a good artist and it sucks you’re poor I’ll donate when I have money

  8. “I really wanna give you the therapy you deserve”

    rachel I know you’re scared to be assertive and you avoid it because you think if you don’t act like that it people won’t do it to you, but the opposite is true. also it’s very entertaining when you do it so please do it more

  9. Rachel!!!! The passage you read from The War of Art was so so enlightening. Thank you! I feel like I really get it now…Fundamentalists can’t handle freedom or the future! It’s so simple and powerful to understand those idiots.

  10. yes yes rachel you are so right – madge you remind me of everyone in my family – cause we’re all curmudgeons in my ninja family. except for my saint of a mother who became a curmudgeon after we were all born and she had to raise us all plus my father. We wore the poor woman down. We did.

    or…is it that all ashkenazi jews came from essentially the same shtetl and we’re all related. omg.

    The “i haven’t accomplished anything” is just a phase. it’ll pass. we all go thru it. it does get better – except we will get old and no one will take care of us and scam artists will come to our doors when we are 80 and take all our money …. forget it. No hope. just enjoy trotsky (the whippet).

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