10 thoughts on “Yeast Radio #1063 Make it Rain Chicken MRC NYEAH GIT IT”

  1. WEEEIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUIIIIEEEEEW.mp3 How’s it going Madge & Cheroil. I listened to this grum with duck tape over mouth whilst pointing weirdly & staring into space with my badly photoshopped eyes
    Hello this is mrs bailey

  2. If I had the money at the moment I would send you something..but perhaps something for Passover will grace your bank from me.

    Your are brilliant, you have an understanding about how the world works.

    If I may…

    The reason Lady Gaga is annoying to you is that she is the chosen entertainer for a particular audience from the corporate powers. In the 70’s and 80’s, gays were trying to gain equal footing by trying to be as serious as the rest of them. Now, Gays are represented as entertaining. They dress funny. They have hissy fits. They dress in Drag. Theytalk about what movie stars wear…they follow lady Gaga.

    Have you ever been to Wilton Manors in Ft. Lauderdale? YOU REALLY MUST GO at least overnight. Stay at a “gay” hotel. According to the gay life, you like to be nude, have sex 24 hours a day, drink margaritas, and sway your hips. People from 20-80 have bought it,,,and if you want to study mainstream gay life you should do it…do a show from there.

    Israel? Ok I love you and Rachel, but its not all milk and Honey. Rent for a month and just live there. You will get a better idea of what its all about,

    Love YA!

  3. LOOOOVED the the coffee house poem – The bottom, the top…

    Whatever happened to Hagatha, PREP, and all the rest of them? You should have a “Where are they now?” episode. Just a suggestion. You can have your spirit, Rockafelly, guide help with the ones that have passed on.

  4. Weuweuuu thank you for calling Chris! I liked the wiggy video (audio) – the lady was trying to overcome her native accent and it come out wrong.

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