YR1059 Video PPV

This week you can purchase the long and fun filled Yeast Radio video and see it before I post the audio only podcast. It’s real good and there are lots of the usual video clips and the like. You have to pay for it though, which is why it’s called pay-per-view.

You’ll still be able to download the audio podcast later in the week for free.


20 thoughts on “YR1059 Video PPV”

  1. we’ll be able to download the audio podcast “later in the week” ?
    Madge- you liiie. High Cholesterol, High Cholesterol,High Cholesterol,High Cholesterol

  2. Hi Madge. I’m too lazy to e-mail you, so I’ll communicate in this way, if that’s okay. No need to post this.

    You may wish to consider selling crap of ebay using the “ebay iPhone Mobile App.” You snap a picture of something & then offer it for sale on ebay.

    And you might want to read this book on “Vagabonding” or at least consider the idea. I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know if it’s really do-able or not.


    You’re in Miami now and you’ve visited Germany a couple of times. So, you could sell stuff from there.

    Anyway, say please “Hi!” to Trotsky for me.

  3. Where is the podcast? I am craving some new Yeast!!!!! Please Madge, give us a new show!!! Pretty please? ( In my very best little girl voice…) “Well, I’m fat, I’m sweaty, gotta go sit down, I’m tired….that’s what you get when you’se overweighduh!”

  4. You’ll be back. You love this, it’s part of you. See you soon.

    If not, shouldn’t you do a grand exit podcast? Like a farewell Cher concert.

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