1. i really like rapechel, i think she has an amazing view of the world and an awareness of the junk around her, and her art/poems/music are breathtaking. people are assholes in general. norm can come up with pubescently idiotic stories and inventions which are funny and help pass the time, but take one listen to rachel’s art and there is no argument who has the talent, regardless of the mfa’s and other crap. who cares about degrees? norm could get a million more credits and degrees and wont have an ounce of the talent rapechel has in her little fingie.

  2. hey madge, just an idea, but maybe rachel talks for so long because you constantly interrupt her. i wanted to understand her torah thing but you kept kuntily talking over her so i couldn’t get a complete idea. i shouted at my ipod to shut up, you were so annoying.
    i like rachel. she’s too much of a human being for the company you keep, though.
    and speaking of norm, i love him, and i listened to every podcast he put out until the christmas holiday, until he said something about killing a woman (as usual) and it just made me snap. there’s provoking people for funniness, and there’s hate, and i know it’s mostly schtick, but it’s straying too far into the hate zone for me these days.

  3. “Did you just hit me on the microphone?”
    Love it!

    Think I’m kinda there too with the racism thing. Many moons ago when it was novel it was edgy, now it’s there all the time it’s not shocking any more, it’s just kinda gross; to the extent that I generally automatically delete episodes unless there’s special (dnaaaah-special!) guests or it’s a stream-of-cunnscience grum.

  4. I thought the show was great. I think Rachel and Madge balance each other out well on the show. I havent listened in a while and I am so glad to be listening again

  5. I haven’t listened to your show in awhile but had to not listen to this and the last episode multiple times. I also haven’t commented much or EVER sent you money, but feel that I should comment and still NOT send you money now that you posted two shows that are not cheryl/sylvia/RACIAL. I am a douche and ugly. God dont like ugly.
    -Your listenturds

  6. skirt girdle. Personal regards to you people. Compliments as ever on all these shows & on the bris(which incidentally I heard was very lovely,very well done.

  7. Great Grum. I love, love, love Racheal and so glad she’s back. Norm is OK, but prefer listening to him small doses. Maybe Norm would of had better chemistry with just you & Cheryl. Looking forward to a good long grum with Cheryl.
    Too much lapse in the ‘lapse.

  8. really good show, reminds me of the old days when i first heard you on sirius. proof to me that you need to stay away from that dead weight cheryl murkowski; the piss freak who lives at the steamworks is more engaging and way less pitiful. PLEASE BAN CHERYL in 2011! Return to your greatness, Madge.

  9. Sean – While I think that’s it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, it’s always great to hear Cheryl and Madge shows. The two of them work really well together. I need a semi regular dose of Cheryl and Madge. Leave Cheryl alone, or I will goatse you real hard.

  10. in retrospective it becomes now even more clear that rapechal – unfortunately – didn’t get norman’s intitial point of conversation at all due in most part to her ignorance of his art.
    on Norman’s progrum it is a recurring theme to rage about the stupidity of higher eduction quoting his own – presumably – failed example.

    That would have been an interesting discussion if only rachel had engaged in it, shedding some light on the “real” norman persona and maybe on rachel’s as well.

  11. I’m glad I saw the Black Schwann before you ladies gave away every plot point. I’m not critizing, only trumpeting my good luck. SPOILER ALERT: Cheryl mocks persons of color in the next ‘grum. Madge says the word “girdle” and plays clyps for our amusement.

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