13 thoughts on “YR1054 Aint I Two Women?”

  1. NYEAH, new grum! NYEAH. & it is gueewd.
    WEEIIIIUUUUUEEEWWWW! Particularly the larger lady who is addicted
    to eating toilet papay. Tissue, I need tissue.

  2. Madge, You are a talented performance artist, but Yeast
    Radio is far from a work of art these days. I’ve been wondering how
    to say this without sounding like a douchebag, but thats pretty
    much unavoidable at this point. Yeast Radio has deteriorated, clips
    are fine when they’re few and far between (and therefore more
    memorable). But when it’s nothing but two solid hours of you and
    Cheryl cycling clips (and way too much Sylvia) and then repeating
    them for the next 15 minutes before the next clip, you’ve got a
    problem. There’s literally no substance anymore, there is nothing
    interesting, nothing worth listening to, you can zone out for half
    of it and it’ll be the same dreck when you come back. All of the
    grums have merged into one long ribbon of shit, there’s nothing to
    distinguish any of them since True Dooty and Hagatha quit. Grab
    some guests, nix the Cheryl programs (whats the point if she’s not
    actually producing anymore, just regurgitating shit?), start
    whoring out Firm Uterus again and have proper conversations with
    people. It doesn’t even have to be serious, just make it fucking
    better. You’ve talked a lot about how Yeast Radio goes in cycles
    (and not the kind that we’ve grown to love/hate), please god let
    the impetus begin for the next phase, because this is way below
    what you and Cheryl are capable of. Hopefully 2011 will bring us
    some better Yeast. If so i’ll have a cast iron reason to start
    donating regularly again.

  3. What a minute Crabs – you have the huevos mas grandes
    trying to make us look like filthy animals in front of our
    super-cool friend Fran. I should of never carried u 2 full term – I
    should of aborted u when I had the chance! Cheryl, can u post the
    link to the fayyytt BLAQ YouTube vid as insightfully discussed in
    your brilliant grum? Thanks octapussy!

  4. I’m sure Madge is aware that her current format is not the
    most – erm – fulfilling, contentwise, but you have to give her
    credit, she does treat us with an interesting solo grum or an
    exciting interview (e.g. with Bicyclemark and the beloved Rachel
    Kann, when you think about the last year) every couple of months
    for us to keep and replay.

  5. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the cycling
    shows. Cycling to extremes just seems to add to the hilarity of it.
    Sylvia Browne cycling has become something of a fine wine, which I
    enjoy weekly while chewing on pig feets and fat back. That said,
    the shows with a more political edge have always been interesting
    and informative. Eat This Hot Show sometimes touches on the issues
    of the day, but not with a great deal of depth. There is perhaps
    scope for having a political/current affairs part of yeast with
    Cheryl. It could work regardless of whether it’s portrayed in a
    serious or comical light. Don’t lapse. Don’t Tell.

  6. Dearest CrabVagina,

    You don’t get. I’m not saying you never did; I’m just saying you don’t get it now.

    My art. My show. The way I want it. Money don’t drive it.


  7. That’s right Madge. You have a very specific audience, and
    they listen to your show because it’s your show, your art, the way
    you want it, and they like it that way. If they wanted to listen to
    a current topic or news podcast they would listen to one. This one
    is about Fats, blaques, AIDS, and dooty and if you don’t like it,
    “Suck it, Unsubscribe.” A great Lady once said that about her own

  8. To a certain woman of Luna, It’s not that I don’t get it,
    it’s that I think it’s overdone. I have nothing against a good
    cycle or a good Sylvia (especially when they’re both together). I
    don’t even mind an extended cycle (as Mooncoon said). I even love
    Big meets Bigger to death (but sadly as Cheryl says only the first
    one is good) but when there’s nothing else whatsoever, -it- gets
    dry after so many years. I wasn’t even implying that money would
    make you change your show. It’s simply that (as you often point
    out) a large segment of your audience never gives you a dime, but
    feels free to rattle off a long list of demands, my point was to
    illustrate I’m not one of those people. My point remains, your art,
    your show, your way can be and has been a hell of a lot better than
    what it is right now. If you can tell me that Yeast Radio right now
    is fulfilling even half of its potential I’ll never say a word
    against these grums again, but I doubt anyone can say that with a
    straight face.

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